Advanced technology
Better than magic

We have been developing AADs with more benefits since 1999

One of the main user benefits is universality and the absolute pressure settings. 

No company maintenance. No battery change. The user or Rigger easy check. Ones in 12 months control check.

You can change your activation altitude, when use Adjust setting.

The BEST price at market.
Check it.

The smallest cutter at market.
Fully stainless steel.
Flat body for better packing.
Damage resistant.

The company MarS a.s. was established in 1992. The production is situated at the three own production plants.

m² multi TACTICAL

The m² multi Tactical device is designed and manufactured on the basis of latest knowledge focusing on military skydiving, tactical use for military purpose, police force tasks or rescue operations and its functions fully comply with the requirements for professional use and training.

The device monitors the fall rate and altitude of the skydiver above the landing location. If the activations parameters are met, the cutter automatically cuts the reserve parachute closing loop and thus initiales the sequence of reserve parachute deployment.

Ten Profiles Military AAD

  • Ten field changeable profiles
  • Tactical profiles
  • Settings of user parameters
  • Abs mode for combination with Tactical profiles
  • Activation Zone Adjustment – increase in increments of 100 feet up to an additional 900 feet
  • No battery change required for lifetime of unit
  • Lifetime 15.5 years
  • Perfect Ax-Blade cutter
  • Flat Sided Cutter Body
  • Easy Access Info Menu
  • Waterproof
  • Easy setting


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