m² multi AAD


Processing unit

The body of processing unit has been very precisely made of aluminum alloy with regard to its possibly smallest size and shape allowing easy placing to all harness types.  Thanks to this, it is very resistant to pressure and hard impacts. In addition, it provides waterproofing independently on the filter placed in the forehead between the cable passages. 
The control unit is marked by the m² multi logo on the upper side and an identification label with production data is placed on the back.

Control unit

The body of the control unit is made of stainless steel and is connected to the processing unit with a flexible cable. The control unit has a display for displaying of icons and a single control button. The control unit is very well protected against the pull of magnet and possible electric shocks.

The control unit enables the device to be switched on/ off, as well as a complete device setup:
Scale – settings meter/ ft
Profile – five different profile types (Stu, Int, Pro, Cpi, Tan )
Adjust – allows you to increase the activation altitude every 30 meters A1 to A9
Offset – the temporary setting of a landing zone at a different altitude than the place of start of the airplane (calibration of m² Multi-device) Setting range +/ – 999m
Info – input is possible from both the device turned on and off, it displays important information and data for individual jumps and to a specific device

d) – opening altitude of the last jump
j) – total number of jumps
G) – percent view of trigger speed on a functional main canopy
b) – remaining battery capacity
L) – remaining days of the lifetime of the device
n) – serial number of device
r) – firmware version 
Y) –year and month of production
P) –current barometric pressure


Cutting unit – cutter

The cutter is completely made of stainless steel and cuts the reserve parachute closing loop in case of activation. This is the shortest “knife” construction in the market allowing easy placing to all harness types without the risk of excessive strain and bending of the cable. The “knife” construction ensures a totally reliable cut of the closing loop under all conditions and it is very dirt resistant. Based on years of experience the cutter was constructed with the flat body which prevents unwanted movement and rotation amongst the harness flaps during and after packaging for use. Each piece is thoroughly inspected and made with high precision. The cutter is connected to the processing unit with a flexible cable with a connector allowing easy replacement. The connector is fully inserted into the processing unit and is secured by a securing screw against unwanted pulling.


m² Multi is fully watertight (2m/24hr), but it is necessary to replace the plastic filter for its proper functioning after every soaking of the device. The replacement filter is part of each package of AAD m² Multi.


m2AAD battery LIFETIME

15.5 years


Competition A battery LIFETIME

10 years


Competition B battery LIFETIME

5 years


Service / Battery / Maintenance

One of the main user benefits of m² Multi is checking and servicing directly by the user/rigger without the necessity of sending it to the manufacturer. The device design with using the best available technology and intelligent software allows us to guarantee the life of the device to the user 15years + 6 months WITHOUT the need to replace the battery. Service interval is 12 months when it is necessary to check the overall mechanical condition of all device components of m² Multi, display remaining battery capacity, lifetime and check the functionality of pressure sensor by displaying of current barometric pressure and its subsequent comparison with other m² Multi, or with an accurate device.


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