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m² multi AAD


Service / battery / 15.5 years without maintenance

One of the main user benefits of m² Multi is checking and servicing directly by the user/rigger without the necessity of sending it to the manufacturer. The device design with using the best available technology and intelligent software allows us to guarantee the life of the device to the user 15 years + 6 months WITHOUT the need to replace the battery. Service interval is 12 months when it is necessary to check the overall mechanical condition of all device components of m² Multi, display remaining battery capacity, lifetime and check the functionality of pressure sensor by displaying of current barometric pressure and its subsequent comparison with other m² Multi, or with an accurate device.

m²AAD battery LIFETIME

15.5 years


Competition A battery LIFETIME

10 years


Competition B battery LIFETIME

5 years



Save money

No company maintenance
No battery change
The user or Rigger easy check
Ones in 12 months control check


5 in 1

STUDENT activation limits : speed 13m/s – 29 mph, altitude 330m -1100 ft
INTERMEDIATE activation limits : speed 20m/s – 45 mph, altitude 330m -1100 ft
EXPERT activation limits : speed 35m/s – 78 mph, altitude 270m – 885 ft
SPEED activation limits : speed 45m/s – 100 mph, altitude 330m – 885 ft
TANDEM activation limits : speed 35m/s – 78 mph, altitude 610m – 2000 ft

You can change your activation altitude, when use Adjust setting
OFFSET mode + or – 999m/ 2990ft

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Smart cutter 

The smallest cutter at market
Fully stainless steel
Flat body for better packing
Damage resistant


Made in EU

About us
The company MarS a.s. was established in 1992. The production is situated at the three own production plants. Its originally purely development-oriented character changed within the first two years of the company’s existence into a serial production enterprise with a strong emphasis on the development of new products.


Company targets
The ongoing improvement of the utility value of our products
Services for our customers
Quality production

Production program

Military parachutes

  • Parachute sets for paratroopers
  • Instructor parachutes
  • Tactical parachutes
  • Student parachutes
  • Cargo parachutes
  • Emergency parachutes for L-39 Albatros and L-159 Alca
  • Emergency parachutes ATL for planes and helicopters crew
  • Breaking parachutes for MIG-29 (supersonic fighter)
  • AAD – Automatic Activation device for military use

Sport H/C
Main canopies for sport skydiving
Reserve canopies
Emmergency parachutes ATL
Airplane-towed banners
AAD for sport skydiving
Ballistic vests
Ballistic blankets (bomb blankests)
Tactical vests
Military and Police special equipment
Gun holsters


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